5 Benefits to Routine A/C Maintenance

A home cooling system is a major investment for your New Jersey home – one that you should protect just as you protect your car with regular oil changes.

Here are five key benefits of performing routine A/C maintenance:

  1. Greater comfort – Regular air conditioner maintenance keeps your home cooling system running properly, which keeps temperatures consistently comfortable throughout your home.
  2. Improved air quality – A well-maintained central air conditioner keeps the air in your home clean, dry, and circulating, which can prevent mold growth and other air quality problems (especially when combined with some of today’s amazing whole house air cleaners and other indoor air quality systems).
  3. Fewer repairs
 – More than 80 percent of the most expensive air conditioner repairs are preventable with a routine maintenance. A small investment now beats paying hundreds of dollars in air conditioning equipment replacement later.
  4. Monthly savings – A well-maintained A/C system is more efficient, which means it will lower your utility bills – often enough to offset the cost of the tune-up in a single cooling season.
  5. Longer system lifespan – Replacing your air conditioning system before its time is costly and unnecessary. A well-maintained A/C system will last much longer than their neglected counterparts.

Dowling Air Conditioning Service Options

Take care of your A/C maintenance by signing up for a comprehensive cooling system tune-up from Dowling. For an even better value, consider our Cooling Service Plans, which include priority, same day service if you lose your cooling and more.*

If your central A/C or ductless system is more than 10 years old, it may make more sense to upgrade your cooling system, since a high efficiency replacement could save you 30 to 40 percent on your cooling bills. If you would like to explore your options on a new cooling system – or get a FREE no obligation estimate – give us a call today.

It’s never too late for annual A/C maintenance – Contact us today to sign up for Dowling Cooling Service Plan for your NJ home. Serving Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, and Essex Counties.

*Please note that our Cooling Premium Coverage does NOT include repairs to ductwork.