A cooling system service plan is a smart move for summer

Keep your cool and lower your costs through greater efficiency

Playing the piano in comfort

The number one reason that cooling and indoor air quality systems fail is not parts failure it’s everyday dirt and grime. And repairing these systems typically costs three times as much as a tune-up!

A Dowling air conditioning service plan will give you peace of mind; with regular maintenance you’ll know that you’re preventing failures and that your equipment is working at peak efficiency. Not only does this save energy, it also helps minimize your overall expenses.

Our Service Plans:

Contact us to enroll or to learn more about our service plans.

Loyalty Credits:

For each consecutive year you are enrolled in our Platinum or Gold Cooling Service Agreement, you’ll earn $50 in Loyalty Credits. You can accumulate up to $500 in credits and apply them to the following equipment purchased from us:

Note: A maximum of $50 in Loyalty Credits is awarded each year, regardless of how many service agreements you have.

Stay comfortable indoors more affordable with a Dowling service plan. Dowling: serving Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex County in NJ. Great prices!