Five factors to consider when choosing a water heater

If the time has come to invest in a new water heater , you may be surprised how many options are available to you. Making a smart choice is important, since heating water accounts for nearly 20 percent of your energy bill.

Here are five factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a new water heater:

  1. Water heater type

Generally speaking there are three categories of water heater from which you’ll have to choose:

You’ll need some guidance to choose among these types, but generally speaking:

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  1. Fuel type – The fuel you use to heat your water will affect how much it costs – sometimes dramatically. Dowling sells both gas- and oil-fired water heaters; contact us to learn more about what we offer.
  2. Size – You need enough heating capacity to meet your family’s need for hot water, but not so much that you’re heating water you won’t use. Right-sizing a water heater can get tricky without help from a professional.
  3. Energy efficiency – Right sizing, the efficiency rating of the water heater itself, proper installation and maintenance, and other factors affect efficiency.
  4. Total Cost of Ownership – Make sure you compare all factors that influence the true cost of a water heater – including cost of fuel, life expectancy of the unit, and more.

Whatever option you choose, it’s a good idea to service your equipment regularly to keep it running at peek efficiency.

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