Dowling sells and services oil and gas-fired furnaces

A furnace is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any home for two very important reasons:

  1. Your furnace commonly accounts for up to two-thirds of your energy bill
  2. Your furnace plays a key role in your home comfort and influences other HVAC operations

If you have an old furnace or one that is not performing as it should, don’t wait for it to fail!

A new, high-efficiency furnace can be up to 98% fuel efficient, which means that only 2% of the fuel you buy is wasted – compared with an older furnace that may be 80% efficient – if that!

Knowing this, why would you want to leave money on the table – or, more accurately, allow it to burn up? Luckily, if you live in northern New Jersey, you already have a trusted partner who can help you make great decisions on your home comfort and save you a bundle of cash in the process.

We work with all makes and models of gas and oil-burning furnace

The technicians at Dowling will work closely with you to help select the ideal oil or gas furnace for your needs. Our industry-recognized expertise means that we are well-qualified to outline the pros and cons of all the different furnace brands and models you can choose from.

Better still, we do not limit our services to one or two brands – we work with all of them because we know that every situation, every home, every family is different, and that means every customer deserves a customized solution designed especially for them.

Dependable, trustworthy service you can count on

When it’s time to install your furnace, you can depend on Dowling to do the job right the first time. It is our aim to cause the least amount of disruption possible during the time we are in your home. In fact, some of our customers even say it’s as if we were never there – except, of course, for the much-improved comfort and energy savings we leave behind!

Whether you choose an oil furnace or a gas-fired one for your home, you can depend on Dowling to deliver the highest levels of safety as well as our trademark professionalism and responsible service.

While we install, maintain and repair virtually any brand of oil or gas furnace, we do have certain brands that we tend to recommend fairly often. These include:

As the power of your new furnace can greatly affect your energy bills as well as your comfort, it is important to choose the most appropriate unit for your space. Our technicians will go to your home to inspect your space and learn more about your specific needs before we recommend a particular brand or unit.

To learn more about quality oil or gas furnace installation costs, furnace replacement rebates and more, contact us today!

We will be glad to schedule your home visit and gas or oil-fired furnace consultation.

Dowling serves a wide area in New Jersey that includes Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex Counties, delivering great prices and HVAC expertise you can always count on.

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