Our Water Heaters Provide Ample Hot Water and Greater Efficiency

You might be surprised by the amount of energy it takes to meet the hot water needs of most modern homes.

Because a water heater does not provide a continuous supply of hot water, the amount of water it can heat at once and its ability to quickly generate more when needed are both important things to consider.

If you are finding that your water heater is not performing as it should, it may be time to replace it. Even if you don’t think it is about to fail, investing in a high-efficiency water heater will save you a bundle on your energy costs every single day of the year!

Plenty of hot water

Signs that you might need a new water heater:

These are all clear signs that you should be thinking about a new water heater. Installing a new unit gives you the advantage of recent, highly efficient technology that not only heats water faster but will save you a pile of money on your bills.

Though you may think the cost of installing a high-efficiency unit is out of your range, deciding to do so makes good financial and ecological sense over the long term, as it will reduce the drain on your other energy systems, save you money (lots), and help you do your part in the effort to be a little greener.

Whether you are looking to save on your energy bills or you simply need a new water heater for any of the above reasons, the experts at Dowling are always ready to help. You can depend upon us to recommend exactly what you need—from detailing all the savings you can expect to providing industry-certified expertise on safety and ongoing service and maintenance.

As a trusted New Jersey supplier of heating oil and HVAC systems, we will attend to any removal or installation work with minimal disruption to you and your family, ensuring that the job gets done quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with your life.

All installation, repairs and service are performed by our licensed plumbing contractors, and we guarantee that no mess will be brought into your home or left behind.

Brands we typically work with and recommend include:

To learn more about water heater installation, installation costs, water heater maintenance, water heater repair and more, contact us today! We will be glad to schedule your home visit and give you advice on choosing a new water heater.

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