Make your heating oil costs easier to manage with SmartPay

Budget plan chart

As a Dowling heating oil customer, one of your payment options is to pay as you go each month. But why pay for 80% of your fuel in the four or five coldest months? Instead, avoid those big winter fuel bills by enrolling in our SmartPay monthly payment program, which allows you to spread your fuel bills throughout the year. Most of our customers prefer this approach. With predictable monthly payments, your fuel bills will be easier to manage.

How does SmartPay work?

This monthly budget program spreads your heating oil costs out over 11 months, so you’ll pay the same amount every month and avoid big bills during the heating season. We estimate your payments based on your past fuel use. If market prices or the weather, which affect how much fuel you’ll use, cause our estimate to be too high or low, we’ll make adjustments to your payments during the heating season. You must be enrolled in automatic delivery to take advantage of this free program.

How SmartPay helps you reduce your winter heating bills:

If you would like to take advantage of the SmartPay program, please contact us today. Dowling: serving Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties in NJ.