UltraGuard: the home fuel oil additive that improves performance and saves you money

Industry studies indicate that 40% of unscheduled service calls are related to fuel quality. A primary contributor to fuel quality problems has been a shift from traditional refining to “catalytic cracking” — a process developed to produce higher yields of gasoline, kerosene and home heating oil from crude oil.

Without getting too detailed, catalytic cracking creates molecular chains that tend to clump and become the primary source of sludge in today’s fuel.


The solution to the unavoidable clumping problem inherent in today’s fuel oil production is a product called “UltraGuard.” This home fuel oil additive contains stabilizers that keep cracked molecules from forming new chains, and dispersants that prevent the formation of sediment and sludge.

Other benefits of UltraGuard fuel treatment

We stand behind UltraGuard fuel additive as an important addition to your complete service package, and we know you will be ultra-satisfied with the ultra-protection this product offers you.

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