A whole-house ventilation system ensures proper air flow for health and comfort

Greatly reduce indoor pollutants with effective whole-house ventilation

Poor indoor ventilation leads to damp, stale air and a build-up of unpleasant odors, irritating pollutants and potentially harmful gasses such as radon and carbon monoxide. (According to the EPA, toxic pollutants can be up to 100 times more concentrated inside a home than even in our country’s smoggiest cities!)

An important part of the solution is proper ventilation. We can install an affordable, high-efficiency whole-house ventilation system that automatically exchanges outside and indoor air, which maximizes airflow and freshness, and minimizes energy loss by basing its usage on the number of rooms and overall square footage.

Our technicians will do their work with minimal disruptions and a vigilant approach to keeping your home clean from their work residue. And you will soon be enjoying an expertly installed ventilation system that significantly improves your indoor air quality.

To learn more about our ventilation services, contact us today! Dowling serves Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties in NJ.