Nine ways to improve indoor air quality this winter

furnace air filterDid you know that the air inside your home could be four to five times more polluted than air outside your home?

The problem is that we live in increasingly airtight homes (great for energy efficiency, not-so-great for air quality) and are surrounded by more airborne contaminants than ever – from dust, mold, dead skin, pet dander to indoor and outdoor pollutants from cleaners, construction materials and more. Winter, with its overly-dry air and window-closing temperatures, makes most indoor air quality problems worse.

While indoor pollution may be especially harmful for children, elderly people, and asthma sufferers, regular exposure to it can be harmful to anyone over time – a big reason why indoor air quality should be front and center of any personal health regimen!

So how do you improve indoor air quality? Here are nine ways.

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