Clean Your Home’s Air With a Whole House Air Cleaner

free-estimate-buttonTo properly clean your home’s air, you need a whole house indoor air quality system, which attaches to your central heating and cooling system. It offers advantages such as:

  • Treating every room of your home effectively and automatically.
  • Infrequent cleaning and maintenance (no standing water to deal with, and a filter change every 6-months to 2 years.)
  • Out-of-view, silent, automatic operation.
  • High energy efficiency.

So get the allergens, dusts, molds, smoke, pet dander, and other pollutants and irritants out of your air and away from your lungs and sinus cavities. Your Dowling representative will patiently go over the process and pricing involved in ensuring you a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

While we install, maintain, and repair virtually all brands, here are the brand names that we most trust and recommend for you:

Honeywell® F500 Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner

honeywell f500 air cleaner

Connects to the return air duct of a forced air system or can be independently ducted.

  • 99.97% particle filtration with advanced 3-stage HEPA filtration.
  • Odor reduction with activated carbon filter.
  • Minimal maintenance, requiring only occasional & easy filter replacement.
  • Wireless Airwatch Indicator provided filter change notification.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Models for both conditioned and unconditioned spaces.


Aprilaire® 5000 Whole House Air Cleaner

aprilaire 5000 air cleaner

This model has been rated #1 three years running by a leading products ratings magazine for some very good reasons: It electronically charges particles and traps them like a magnet better than any other air cleaner – using 72 square feet of Aprilaire-branded filtering media. Features include:

  • Traps 99% of airborne pollen, mold and spore-sized particles.
  • Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria-sized particles.
  • Removes 94% of respirable dust, which the EPA reports can trigger asthma.
  • Captures 80% of airborne particles the size of tobacco smoke.
  • Removes up to 80% of airborne virus-sized particles – something no other air cleaner in the industry can do!
  • Easy to maintain: the 5000 requires infrequent replacement of filtering media and wiping down of ionizing wires – a process that can be completed in less than 20 minutes.
  • Unlike competitive electronic air cleaners there is never a need for the frequent and time-consuming cleaning or washing of collector cells.

Are you interested in buying a new air cleaner? Contact Dowling today for a FREE estimate! Serving Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Morris and Essex county, NJ – and Rockland county, NY.