Save money with a Dowling A/C or Heat Pump Service Plan

If you’ve read our blog recently, you know where we stand on how important it is to get routine annual maintenance for your home cooling system – whether you have a central A/C or ductless set-up.

There are so many reasons for giving your A/C a little TLC every year – and all of them eventually lead to your wallet:

Dowling’s Air Conditioning Service Plan – our high value maintenance solution

What’s the best way to take care of annual maintenance for your central air conditioner or heat pump (yes, even better than an annual A/C tune-up)? Sign up for a Gold or Platinum Dowling Air Conditioner Service plan, which features:

Like all our services, our no-nonsense, no-hassle plan will be delivered by our expert technicians so you’ll have worry free comfort all summer long.

Sign up for a Dowling Air Conditioning Service Plan now, before summer REALLY hits. Contact us today to get started!