Today’s Heating Oil

Even though heating oil has been keeping NJ homes warm for almost a century, it is still an often misunderstood home energy source – mostly due to a reputation it earned as a “dirty” fuel up through the 1970s.

Well, heating oil has come a long way since the Nixon era, improving across the board in environmental and efficiency performance – and today, it’s a clean, safe, and efficient way to heat your New Jersey home.

Here are four reasons that make oil heat a great choice, particularly when compared to electric-powered heat pump systems:

  1. It produces more heat per dollar – Today’s oil-fired boilers and furnaces can achieve efficiency ratings of more than 90 percent. While that number may not be as high as some gas- or electric-powered systems, efficiency rating alone doesn’t tell the whole story; for example, heating oil produces more BTUs per gallon than gas (about 130,00 vs. 95,000 for propane), which means you don’t have to burn as much of it to stay warm. Electric heat pumps run super-efficient until temperatures drop below freezing – at which point they rely on auxiliary heating elements that drive energy costs through the roof.
  2. It keeps you warm and comfortable – Oil-heated homes are comfortable even during the coldest days of winter because heating oil can generate temperatures that reach 2,200 degrees F – far higher temps than an electric heat pump can muster.
  3. It’s clean-burning – Today’s oil heat – especially when treated with UltraGuard – is 95 percent cleaner than it was in 1970. In fact, new oil heating systems produce no soot, dirt or odor – the main reason why heating oil is not subject to Clean Air Act requirements. Ultraguard-treated fuel is also more stable, can be stored for longer, and reduces the need for equipment maintenance and repairs compared to untreated No. 2 heating oil.
  4. It’s safe – Dropping a match in a pool of oil would have about the same effect as if you dropped it in water. That’s because heating oil needs to be vaporized, then heated to 144 degrees F before it will burn – the conditions created by the advanced burning system in your oil burner.

Today’s heating oil – clean, green, and efficient. Want to learn more about the benefits of heating oil, or sign up for heating oil delivery in NJ? Contact the expert sales team at Dowling today – and don’t forget to ask about adding UltraGuard fuel additive to your Dowling heating oil service plan!